Hear The Big Daddy/Hit Girl Sing-Along That Was Cut From Kick-Ass

We’re already reeling from Nic Cage’s Adam West impersonation in Kick-Ass. But when his movie daughter/superhero Chloe Moretz, aka Hit-Girl, told us Cage sang in one deleted scene, we couldn’t believe it. Until she sang it for us.

At the Kick-Ass roundtables, we asked got to ask Moretz plenty of questions about her upcoming feature, plus what it was like working with her on-camera Dad by day and crime fighting mentor by night, Big Daddy. Apparently Big Daddy fancies himself a bit of a singer.


How much fun was the costume?

It was fun to look at, but wearing it was really hard. Think about doing stunts in leather, what does leather do? It doesn’t stretch, it rips. So every time I would do a little flip thing — rip goes the crotch.


And the purple wig?

I was burning up. but it brought so much to the character because we tried on like 1,000 wigs, and then when I put that one on... If you look at [the costume] it’s very one color, but then you see the pink belt and the black boots, and the purple and black cape. It’s the little bitty accents like that, that really make the outfit pop.

Did you keep it?

I do I have one. You know the kilt I wear in it? That’s [director] Matthew [Vaughn]’s family tartan.


Were there any Hit-Girl scenes you were that got cut, that you hope wind up on the DVD?

There’s this one scene where if you see me when he says Tool up Honey Bunny, time to go get some bad guys. And I take the throwing star and I throw it at [a picture of] Frank D’Amico’s face. If you see, I’m wearing the belt then, and the reason I’m doing that is because she loves that belt so much because her Dad actually made that for her. And there’s a scene where he makes it [the belt] for her, and he gives it to her so I put it on, and there’s this whole thing going. But he [Nic Cage] starts singing this thing, he goes...


[Singing] “And we’re not going to fail.” Then he says, harmonize it now. [Singing] “And we’re not going to fail.” And he goes, “Tenor!” It was really kind of creepy, weird, amazing awesome scene that sadly got cut. But it was... Uh... It was really interesting.

So you had Nic Cage singing to you?

Yeah. I had Nic Cage singing to me. [Laughs]

Listen to it here:

I heard you trained with the Jackie Chan stunt crew?

Yes, the Jackie Chan stunt crew [and] the 300 stunt crew. And a top UCLA gymnast, and one of the top tumblers in the world. And I was at circus school.


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Every word I hear out of this kid keeps impressing me. I really hope they don't destroy "Let me in".