Hear Carol Danvers' Primal War Cry in This New Captain Marvel TV Spot

Captain Marvel getting ready to beat the crap out of a Skrull.
Image: Marvel Studios

Though she’s destined to become the galaxy’s mightiest hero, Captain Marvel’s Carol Danvers will always be a warrior at heart, thanks to unique Kree conditioning that left her physically empowered and mentally conditioned to be a lethal fighter. The latest TV spot for the film just gives us a small taste of what that means.

Being able to go higher, further, and faster than any ordinary soldier is all well and good, but the most important thing any true noble warrior hero needs to win a battle is a fire within that drives them to conquer their enemies. Sometimes, this fire manifests itself as deadly photon blasts, other times, it’s a primal scream meant to strike terror into the hearts of those who hear it. The latest Captain Marvel TV spots offers up a couple of new glimpses of Carol having a good time on Earth with Nick Fury, and a choice scene of Carol letting a bunch of Skrulls know that she’s about to body them all.

Captain Marvel roars into theaters March 8.

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