Hear A New Track From Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Space Album, Daughter Of My Sins

Astronaut Chris Hadfield became a viral musician when he recorded a cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity from the International Space Station a while back. Now, he’s releasing an album of songs that he recorded while in space, Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can.


To preview it, he’s released a lyric video for one of the songs on the album, Daughter of My Sins, a song he wrote himself.

Here’s another video of him singing it from space:

Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can will be released on October 9th.

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If he were like “hey, I went to space, and now I want to do this” that would be ok by me.

Instead, he seems to be going “Hey! I was in SPACE! I recorded and album in SPACE! It’s a SPACE ALBUM! You should listen to it, because I was in SPACE!”

That seems kinda.... dumb.

Like... maybe this has no merit on its own, is what I’m saying.