Headless Vader Finds Love On The Simpsons

Who knew Lisa Simpson was such a gifted little fanfic writer? With the help of her new bestie, Emily Blunt, Lisa imagines a world of two-horned ponies, and uncovers one character's secret Star Wars fetish.

This weeks Simpsons journeyed into the fanfic-writing mind of little Lisa Simpson. After she meets Juliet, voiced by Blunt, the two escape to a world in their imagination. But their new-found friendship isn't meant to last. Their magical world begins to bleed into their real lives a bit too much.


But the best part of the entire episode is when Nelson Muntz pops up with his headless Darth Vader doll, which he presses against his Vader's "girlfriend," a broke-down Malibu Stacy. Excellent.

Enjoy the entire episode below:

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