He Went In For A Tune-Up And Came Out With A Full Cerebral Upgrade

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As the mask clicked over his face and the new neural pathways lit up, Zourn immediately wondered if he had paid too much for the upgrade. "That's normal," the tech told him as she gave his mask a quick polish. "The upgrade makes you a savvier shopper, but only after we've debited your account."


"Zourn assembly" is by artist Matias Murad.

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"Mr. Zourn we have to remind you that this is a final sale and that all modifications are prohibited until the warranty expires in 20 years." The sales rep stated coolly.
The face shield clicked closed as the clamps locked with the skull ports. Information flooded into Zourn's cerebrum.
His vital sign monitors showed healthy function, but slight degradation in the ligaments of his left knee and the suit began filtering out the contaminants in the air.
A separate window opened on his visor allowing him to observe the current events occurring on Europa, where the first mega-geyser was being capped to provide power for the first human colony on Jupiter's moon.
"This is amazing," Zourn exclaimed "I mean I could do without the tubes up my nose, but I think I can deal with that."
A rather important question occurred to him.
"Do you mean all modifications, outside what Charbexos Industries provides or is that all modifications full stop?" Zourn asked, feeling a little warm. This question hadn't occurred to him during the sales portion.
"Charbexos Industries will provide the updates when they become available, but we're at the mercy of our partners for some upgrades." The sales rep said, a little too reservedly.
"Wait, which upgrades do your partners provide?" Zourn asked nervously.

The visor responded fluidly to his query by posing the question to Bing.