Two weeks ago we learned that He-Man's foe Skeletor was quite the impressive creator of insults, belittling his enemies and his minions with equal brutality. But a new supercut reveals He-Man was no slouch at being a jerk himself, although he preferred incredible sarcasm and trolling over sick burns.


Seriously, listen to this video, and tell me He-Man wasn't trolling all of Eternia. There's no way he asked Teela to "Put your finger here for a second!" without wanting to completely, needlessly shame the dragon creature in addition to defeating him; you can see it in the way the dragon rolls its eyes. It's even more obvious when He-Man outright tells Skeletor he's a loser — and in effect tells him he's not even worth coming up more clever wordplay. Damn, that's cold, He-Man. And why would you tell Battlecat he's slower than an Eternian snail? You know he's moving faster than a snail, you're just trying to make him feel bad. You'd best watch it or Cringer is going to maul Prince Adam the next time he goes to sleep.

[Via Gamma Squad]