He-Man Goes High-Fashion

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Their movie may be on-again, off-again, but that doesn't mean that He-Man and the rest of the Masters of The Universe aren't getting a modern-day makeover, thanks to illustrator Adrian Reimann. Masters of The Runway, anybody?


Reimann explained the idea behind his reimagining of the childhood icons:

I imagined them somewhere in the indie/hipster/fashion-scene, as if they were doing a photoshooting for some magazine. I'm a fashion-nerd myself, so I dressed them up in things that really exist and that I like.


We're unconvinced that Teela would really go for stockings, but apart from that, we're sure Tim Gunn would approve.

Masters of The Universe [Behance Network] (Via)

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Finally, Skeletor can every bit as homoerotic as He-Man.