Last night's Venture Bros brought even more storytelling that's as dense with show mythology as it is with jokes, but the highlight may have been the return of David Bowie, ineptly trying to keep his criminal overlord identity secret.

"Revenge Society" kept up the show's obsession with music; not only do we now know that Yes are to blame for science, but now we learn of the crossover between rock and roll and criminal societies:

Between Hatred's detoxing, the secret of scientist speed suits, Rusty bonding with Dean and the creation of the use of "Batman" as an adjective, the A plot of the Phantom Limb (Okay, Menace) was almost unnecessary to make this one of the best episodes of the series, but with it, we got the end of a long-running plot, Dean living up to his birthright for a couple of seconds, and weirdly enough, some of the best character work of the season. So much of this season has been about the slow dissolution of the tight family units (Brock and the Ventures, the Monarch and 21 and 24, the League of Calamitous Intent) from the previous three seasons and, while it's interesting to watch all of them be taken apart episode by episode, I'm left wondering where it's all going. And, more importantly, when we're going to see Brock again. As great as "Revenge Society" was (Who couldn't love "Oh, look, it's the Thin White Douche"?), a little Samson would've made it perfect. Give us back the best damn bodyguard on television already!


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