HBO's Room 104 Is Back and It Looks Genre as Hell

Things are getting ultra crazy on HBO’s Room 104.
Things are getting ultra crazy on HBO’s Room 104.
Photo: HBO
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The beauty of HBO’s show Room 104 is that it can be anything. Every episode tells the story of what happens over time in a single hotel room as all kinds of people walk through it. Any genre is possible. Now, season three of the show is coming and, in the new trailer, you can see that this season is pushing those genres to the edges of reality.


We’re talking horror. Sci-fi. Vampires. Who knows what else? Well, series creators the Duplass Brothers do, and here’s the trailer they just unleashed on the world.

Of course Room 104 has always had genre elements. Androids and dead people and disembodied voices and ghosts and all that. But season three really does look like it’s taking that to the next level. It premieres September 13 on HBO.

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Did this show ever get better? I ended up bailing right before the end of the first season.