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HBO's His Dark Materials Has a Premiere Date, and It's Pretty Soon

Dafne Keen stars as Lyra in His Dark Materials.
Dafne Keen stars as Lyra in His Dark Materials.
Photo: HBO

It’s time to get ready to head to worlds unknown, where people’s souls live outside their bodies, giant talking polar bears rule the Arctic, and hot air balloons are the preferred mode of transportation. HBO and BBC have announced the premiere date of His Dark Materials, and luckily it’s not far away.


His Dark Materials will first debut on BBC on November 3, airing on HBO in the United States a day later on November 4. Based on the trilogy by Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials stars Dafne Keen as Lyra, a young orphan in a parallel world where people’s souls live outside their bodies as animal familiars.

Her life changes forever when her best friend Roger is seemingly kidnapped by a group of mysterious people who are seeking to control Dust—a mysterious substance tied to everything in the universe. She goes on a daring adventure to rescue him, with the fate of all worlds hanging in the balance. Here’s a fun “telegram” message announcing the new dates:


Joining Lyra are her uncle, Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), and a woman named Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) who takes on Lyra as a charge...but is hiding a multitude of secrets. As Lyra’s adventure continues, she’s aided by an armored polar bear named Iorek and Lee Scoresby (Lee-Manuel Miranda), a Texan balloonist. There’s also Will Parry (Amir Wilson), an equally important character who comes into Lyra’s life in the second novel.

The eight-episode season will air weekly, starting November 3 and 4, followed by another eight episodes in a second and final season, set to air at a later date. All three books are being adapted in two seasons, in addition to a few moments from the prequel novel The Book of Dust, according to EW.

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followed by another eight episodes in a second and final season, set to air at a later date.

The EW piece says there’s already a third-season planned:

Season 2, which is already in production and cast Fleabag’s Andrew Scott as the books’ Col. John Parry/Doctor Stanislaus Grumman, will adapt Pullman’s The Subtle Knife with a planned-for season 3 to tackle The Amber Spyglass, the final book in the Dark Materials trilogy.