HBO Max Will Ring in the New Year With Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond

Batman scowling.
Batman scowling.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

In 2021, Warner Bros. is going all in on streaming with HBO Max in a way that’s almost certain to solidify the streaming service as a go-to destination for consumers looking to catch some of Hollywood’s newest upcoming feature releases.


While Warner Bros.’ plan to release its entire 2021 slate of films on HBO Max simultaneously with their theatrical releases was already a bold, disruptive move that sent shockwaves through the industry, it’s not the way the studio’s going to try to lure people deeper into its digital walled garden Beginning January 1, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond will be available to stream in their entireties alongside the platform’s other animated projects.

Previously, both The Animated Series and Beyond lived on DC Universe (soon to be rebranded as DC Universe Infinite), the comics publisher’s comics-focused platform that was originally where new episodes of Harley Quinn, Titans, and Doom Patrol premiered. At the same time that this move further consolidates all of Warner Bros. content into a single place, it highlights DC’s plan to make a more focused effort to get people buying comics digitally. It’s interesting that the companies seem to be drifting away from their earlier plans to present the whole of their portfolio as a massive superhero-tinged smorgasbord for people to gorge on. Even in this late stage of the streaming wars, there’s still the possibility for the landscape to change in dramatic, unexpected ways, and by this time in 2021, HBO Max is likely going to have been one of the year’s more significant power players.

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