HBO Max Will Keep Some DC Movies Streaming a Little Longer After All

tfw you find out the best Batman movies *aren’t* being kept on HBO Max.
tfw you find out the best Batman movies *aren’t* being kept on HBO Max.
Image: Warner Bros.

This isn’t confusing at all!

Between the continued existences of Warner Media-owned streaming services DC Universe and HBO Max, the fact they’ll share some show premieres, and this month’s utter confusion at HBO Max’s sudden plans to rotate DC content in and out every month, the relationship between DC Entertainment and Warner was already, diplomatically speaking, kind of batshit. So naturally, HBO decided that it needed to clear things up—declaring that DC movie content on HBO Max would be part of a monthly-rotating batch of availability, with specific sets of films coming in and out of access on a regular basis. Awkward, but at least clear.

Except, despite that being the plan just a few weeks ago, HBO thought it was best to make things as confusing as possible and instead do that and randomly extend the availability of some, but not all, of the DC movie content on HBO Max from next month.


Deadline reports that, from July 1, several DC Comics movies from HBO Max’s catalog it planned to cut will instead have their availability extended through December 2020. Batman v Superman, the theatrical cut of Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Watchmen, the animated film Superman Unbound, and the classic Superman quadrilogy will now all remain on the service. Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Catwoman, Jonah Hex and The Losers will depart as originally planned. The remaining films will be joined by a plethora of DC content—in the form of multiple Batman, Justice League, and Lego DC Superhero animated movies from Warner Bros. Animation’s large slate.

How long they’ll remain on the service remains to be seen, given that HBO now just seems to be deciding at random what gets to stay beyond a month and what doesn’t. Anything to get you paying for two different subscription services, I guess.

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Geez, this launch has been a dumpster fire.

1. Too expensive (especially when you compare it to Disney+ or even Netflix)
2. Confusing: Now/Max/Go/HBO.  Pick a name.
3. All the branding is HBO, but it is mostly not HBO stuff.
4. What stuff is even on it. Ask most people, it would be “umm. HBO? And some DC stuff?”
5. Besides the Snyder Cut, I can’t name one current or planned exclusive.