HBO Just Killed One of Its Game of Thrones Prequel Shows [Updated]

Doesn’t look like the Game of Thrones prequel hit the bullseye.
Doesn’t look like the Game of Thrones prequel hit the bullseye.
Photo: HBO

Like the head of Ned Stark, HBO has just chopped off a huge piece of its Game of Thrones future.


Deadline reports the network has decided not to proceed with the Game of Thrones prequel series, which was written by Jane Goldman, starred Naomi Watts, and was set thousands of years before the first show as Westeros transitioned from its prosperous “Age of Heroes” into “The Long Night” so often referenced.

A pilot had been filmed and was in post-production when the news broke. Another Thrones prequel, following the rise of the Targaryens, is still thought to be in development according to the Deadline piece, but Variety reports that “None of the other [Game of Thrones] projects are believed to be moving forward either.” So that could mean we went from five possible shows, down to zero. Though it’s hard to think Thrones is dead. It’s simply too big a property.

HBO would not confirm or deny the news to io9.

Along with Watts, Harry Potter’s Miranda Richardson, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star Naomi Ackie, Georgie Henley from The Chronicles of Narnia, and many others were part of the cast.

This article was updated with the new information uncovered by Variety.

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Matt McDougall

I’m fine with this. Instead of a prequel, I’d much rather see GoT take a page from what Watchmen is doing and go for a sequel series.

But...set it 200 years in the future. The song of ice and fire is passing into legend. Tyrion is a revered saint remember for his temperance. The political settlement at the end of the series is fracturing. The power dynamics of the great houses have shifted. New ones have arisen - such as House Snow in the lands north of the wall. And into this era of intrigue and tension, a girl arrives by ship at King’s Landing. The spot where her great great great grandmother, Arya, became the Wolf Who Went West.