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Although HBO’s been gathering accolades for genre drama with Game of Thrones, next year could bring it into the realm of genre comedy, a niche that the premium network has left untouched. Until now.


According to USA Today, the network’s inked a deal with Greg Daniels (The Office, King of the Hill) to develop a romantic comedy about the “minutiae of daily existence in a sci-fi afterlife.” That’s a phrase which brings to mind a Dead Like Me-style show, but with a bit more of a futuristic bent.

It’s always nice when networks recognize that there’s as much diversity in science fiction as there is in politics or procedurals. Serious and “worthy” science fiction has been the trend for a while, but a successful comedy from HBO could help reverse that trend. Or, at least, create more well-rounded shows. We’ll see if it actually works out for them.


[via Splitsider]

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