HBO hires George R.R. Martin to make all the shows

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Perhaps ebullient over the phenomenal ratings Game of Thrones has received over the course of its two seasons (and anticipating more of the same when the show returns on March 31st), HBO has signed George R.R. Martin to a two-year deal which will allow him to continue as co-producer on Game of Thrones, but also let him develop and produce new shows and projects for the network. It's hardly the author's first foray into TV, as he used to write for the both '80s Twilight Zone revival and Ron Perlman's Beauty and the Beast series.


Does this mean we might get a show based on GRRM's other books, such as the deconstructionist superhero anthology Wild Cards? Let me put it this way — I'm pretty sure HBO is extremely interested in anything that involves the words "by George R.R. Martin" at the moment.

[Via Rolling Stone]

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Ah, great. As if he needed more distractions from his bloody writing. The damn series is never going to get finished while he lives at this rate.