HBO Greenlights the Space Tourism Comedy Avenue 5

From left: Hugh Laurie in Tomorrowland, and Rebecca Front in Humans.
From left: Hugh Laurie in Tomorrowland, and Rebecca Front in Humans.
Image: Disney, AMC

We’re going to need something to fill that giant comedic hole Tormund’s heavy milk drinking will leave behind, why not find it in space? HBO has given a series order to Avenue 5, a sci-fi comedy starring Rebecca Front (Humans) and Hugh Laurie (House). The latter will play the captain of a cruise a future where space is the new tourism craze.

As reported by Variety, HBO has picked up Avenue 5 to series, following a pilot order. The series stars Laurie as Ryan Clark, the captain of Avenue 5, a cruise ship that travels through outer space; the series takes place 40 years in the future, where the solar system has become a hot tourism attraction. Also featured is Front as Karen Kelly, a housewife who boards the ship using her sister’s ticket and becomes the “voice of the passengers.” Judging by the sound of that, I’m guessing something goes wrong on the Avenue 5.

Created by Armando Iannucci (Veep), who also directed the pilot, Avenue 5 stars Josh Gad, Nikki Amuka, Zach Woods, Suzy Nakamura, and Ethan Phillips. No production or release date has been announced.


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Rebecca Front - yes please!

Loved her ever since she appeared on ‘The Day Today’ and she is always on top form with Armando Iannucci at the helm.