HBO gives George Bush's severed head a facelift on Game of Thrones

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George W. Bush's Game of Thrones cameo is lost forever, except to the legion of viewers who own the first shipment of the show's first season on DVD and Blu-ray. As you may remember, a behind-the-scenes commentary from the show's creators revealed that one of the many heads spiked in King's Landing was the forty-third president.


According to the creators, the prop head was not intended to be a political statement — it was just one of the many dummy rental craniums the show had on hand. After the DVD commentary gained traction on the internet, creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and HBO issued apologies. Shortly after that, HBO pulled the episode from iTunes and HBO GO, and shipments of the first season DVDs were halted. Now, the episodes are back up with a less recognizable head-on-a-spike. See the new, weak-chinned screenshot above.


[Via The Washington Post]

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Dick Nenton

Anybody else think this is a big, complicated, conspiracy-like ploy by HBO to dramatically increase the value of their first-runs, so that they can later be sold for big profit?