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HBO Declares Westworld Will Actually Premiere This Fall

Image: Westworld, HBO
Image: Westworld, HBO

Westworld, a show that we originally thought would be on the air in 2015 and then heard wouldn’t appear until 2017, will actually appear this year.


Westworld had stopped production earlier this year to finish up the scripts and HBO claimed it didn’t want to rush the show. Westworld, based on the movie, will start its 10-episode first season in fall of 2016, HBO announced.

And if you’re wondering how this epically long journey from announcement to airing happened, writer and executive producer JonathanNolan told us that they did not expect all the challenges a scifi western would bring.


But that’s all in the past. And Westworld is coming to our screens this year. Probably. So we’re being told.


Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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E. R. Torre

I’ve been intrigued with this since first hearing about it, but am also quite worried.

The original 1973 film, directed and written by Michael Crichton, was very clearly re-used, plot wise, in the creation of Jurrasic Park (Yul Brynner’s relentless homicidal cowboy was a precursor to both Arnie’s Terminator and JP’s Tyrannosaur) therefore has a certain stature in my opinion...

But it was also a beautifully done B-movie. Yes, it also anticipated computer viruses years before PC’s but again, it was an unabashed action/suspense film.

I just hope the new version manages to be as entertaining without becoming too darkly cerebral.