Hayao Miyazaki Music Video Packs A Full Movie Into Just Seven Minutes

In 1995, Hayao Miyazaki had writer's block while working on Princess Mononoke. So he took a break to direct this music video for Chage and Aska's song "On Your Mark." And while it may have been a short film, Miyazaki didn't skimp on the visuals.


"On Your Mark" let Miyazaki play with his storytelling through repetition and alternate endings for her trio of protagonists. It's not hard to imagine it fleshed out into a feature-length, time-looping film, but it's perfectly lovely as this self-contained nugget of brilliance.


Corpore Metal

Ummm—so police basically mow down a bunch of Illuminati/KKK types for an angel so radioactive they have ship her/him around in a lead lined body bag all to the accompaniment of some very schmaltzy mid-80s/90s pop music?!



No further explanations needed.

(No doubt, the animation is beautiful though.)