Hawkman To Fly High In 2009?

This image just may be the sign of what's to come for DC Comics' Hawkman next year - Or perhaps just a practical joke on fans of the flying Space Cop Turned Reincarnated Egyptian God.


The images appeared on the blog of cartoonist Kyle Baker, whose description of the potential project is tongue in cheek enough to make you wonder whether he's just making it up as he goes along:

'm working on a new Hawkman comic for DC, and decided to try a newer, more fan-friendly style... No title for the book yet that I know of. It's not due for another six months. Anyway, enjoy the wallpaper! By the way, just for the fans, I'm making this story the bloodiest and most depressing story ever! Full of realism! HAWKMAN'S WORLD WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER! I've revealed too much. I can say no more.

Even his later clarification seemed somewhat unconvincing:

The great comedian Sergio Aragones is writing serious cowboy stories for another artist. DARK KNIGHT was the biggest movie ever, and Warner's has announced they are going to make more superhero movies that are dark and depressing. Obviously, this is what people want. I will not do any more comedy in DC or Marvel comics. I have four children to feed. I have enough awards.


Me, I hope that he's serious about working on a new Hawkman book - those images are beautiful - and not so serious about being depressing; anyone who read his Plastic Man series should know that Baker's snarky commentary on superheroes is immensely enjoyable.

New HAWKMAN wallpaper [Funny Cartoon Podcast]


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