Hawkeye Gets a Lot Done in the Avengers Movies, Actually

Hawkeye is justifiably pleased with himself.
Hawkeye is justifiably pleased with himself.
Image: Marvel Studios

Useless he’s not.

At least, that’s according to the analysis of YouTuber Matt Solazzo, who recently published a video detailing Hawkeye’s impressive kill count in the Avengers movies. Turns out, he’s, uh, actually pretty valuable to have on the team, at least so long as you’re fighting aliens or robots or any other horde-style enemy.

During the Battle of Manhattan and the Battle of Sokovia, Hawkeye racked up an impressive total of 40 on-screen kills, with a good deal more if we assume that every shot Hawkeye made was a successful one, which is reasonable, considering, y’know, he’s Hawkeye.


So while Hawkeye fans have a lot to complain about, what with the memetic image of their hero being pretty useless, the movies don’t seem to agree. If you’ve got to fight, you’re gonna want Clint on your team. And some extra arrows, if you’ve got the budget.

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Totally underrated.


  • Is the first person to point out the tesseract goes both ways
  • Gets whammed by Loki but is pretty damn effective while whammed with the thievery and such.
  • Keeps his family secret from even his teammates AND from when Nat reveals all the SHIELD secrets
  • Is the first one to tag Quicksilver
  • Is the only one to dodge Scarlet Witch whammy
  • Almost flips his shit when Nat gets taken by Ultron but completes the mission anyway
  • Flies quinjets
  • Tracks Natasha with secret spy signals
  • Protects Wanka in Sokovia and convinces her to join the battle
  • Retrieves Wanda and Scott for Cap in Civil War
  • doesn’t blink when T’Chaka shows up in a cat suit at the airport
  • was totally willing to take bullets to save innocents in Sokovia