Haven uncovers the creepy truth behind the Bolt-Gun Killer

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Somehow, this week's episode of Haven managed to feature a self-disembowelment and a kid who falls just a bit shy of being able to send people to the cornfield, and neither of those things were the creepiest part of the episode. No, that is reserved for the Bolt-Gun Killer, whose grotesque Trouble has finally been revealed. Spoilers ahead.

This week's Trouble pops up when two men fly out of a van and seemingly chase each other into the woods. The problem is that they leave behind their other passenger, a young girl named Ginger Danvers. Audrey takes her to the police station, where Dr. Claire tries and fails to coax information from her. "I'm not a child psychologist," she says lamely.

Pause here. Am I making this up or doesn't Dr. Claire have some pretty young patients? Or is this supposed to be a signal that Dr. Claire isn't who she says she is? More on this later.


Anyway, the only one who can pry a smile out of Ginger is Duke, who plops down on the couch next to her and starts jovially making demands on her behalf. "You've got rights, kid," he tells her. Audrey and Claire decide to leave Duke on babysitting duty, and soon he's sneaking her out to get ice cream. Duke's having a grand time playing the fun uncle right up until Ginger vanishes, kidnapped by a member of the Guard. She quickly escapes, with the Guard member and Jordan chasing after her, and she screams at the man, "I hate your guts!" At that moment, the Guardsman decides he hates his guts, too, and stabs himself right in the intestines.

Nathan and Audrey arrive on the grisly scene, and Audrey deduces Ginger's Trouble: people have to do whatever she tells them to do. She calls Duke, thinking Ginger might be with him. She is, but she quietly tells him not to say anything. Goofily, he parrots the words to Audrey, telegraphing that he's with Ginger. By the time Audrey finds him, Ginger has convinced him to play pirate on the upstairs railing of the Grey Gull. He loses his balance and falls off the railing to the deck below, miraculously failing to break his neck.

Ginger explains to Audrey that her father decided to move her to Haven after her mother died (and likely when her Trouble began). She worries that her father doesn't like her anymore, and back in the van she told him to get away from her and leave her alone. Hence the quick exit. She also describes her second kidnapper, whom Nathan and Audrey immediately realize is Jordan. Jordan actually manages to kidnap Ginger a second time (good job, Haven PD) by telling her she's taking her to see her dad. After a little Trouble-enhanced interrogation, Jordan reveals that the Guard wanted Ginger brought to Haven as an insurance policy. The way the Troubles work is that the barn appears, Audrey steps inside, they both disappear, and the Troubles end. The Guard was planning to keep Ginger on hand in case Audrey wouldn't go into the barn willingly. Oh, and they've been holding Ginger's dad hostage. Father and child are reunited, Ginger feels loved, and her Trouble is officially under control. A nice, solid A-plot that manages to connect to the larger mythology.

But the B-plot, that's where the real meat is. At the beginning of the episode, a man found a burned body buried in a shallow grave in the woods. After a quick perusal of the poor fellow's teeth, the coroner identified the victim: Detective Tommy Bowen.


Cue the dramatic music.

The coroner also found some unusual rope fibers in the real Bowen's lungs, and Audrey looks up information on all the manufacturers and notices an electricity spike at one of the facilities. Once the Trouble of the week has been wrapped up, she and Nathan head down to the abandoned factory...


...and discover fishtanks filled with human skins. Thank you, Haven, for giving us the ultra-creepy moment we deserved.

Tommy Bowen? Not Tommy Bowen. Also, not dead. A bunch of us have been speculating in the comments that Bowen was a shapeshifter, and we were oh, so close to the mark, but the truth is even better: he's a skinwalker, specifically the kind who has to wear the skin of whomever he (or she) transforms into. He kills his victims with the bolt gun, skins them, and then wears their skins to take on their identities. When he's not using them, he keeps the skins fresh and alive in a fish tank. He wore the skin of that poor dead Guard member captured on the ATM footage as well as Tommy Bowen's. And there's one empty tank for the skin he's currently wearing.


My theory? The Bolt-Gun Killer is Alma, wife of the Colorado Kid. She's killing women in order to make a new skin, which she'll put on just as the Troubles are ending. I'm not sure how it fits in with the fake Bowen's claim that he had lots of memories of the Teagues' fishing cabin, but that's where my head is going now. Any other theories out there, folks?

Also, when's the last time we saw Bowen and Dr. Claire in the same room? Halloween?


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Haven just got way too weird for me to keep interest in it, near the end of season two. Should I change my tune?