Haven makes a refreshing change—and then undoes it all

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Haven came to a sort of equilibrium in this episode, with the various new characters and plotlines balancing out the Trouble of the week in a sometimes tense, sometimes humorous hour of television. But by the end, it made a major shift that could throw the show out of whack.

Sometimes I forget that Haven can go from being an inoffensive show from pretty darn good one, and last night's episode was pretty darn good. It was fun to see Lexie play the voice of the audience ("Why do people still live here?") and mock Audrey a bit ("50 Shades of Beige."), and the Trouble of the week—involving a paralyzed man who can possess other people's bodies—had that delicious bit of sadness that I love in my horror. And I'm intrigued by Jordan's interest in Wade Crocker. What machinations are going on behind those sultry eyes, Miss Jordan?

Lexie felt like a much-needed breath of fresh air in Haven's cloudy skies. Her existence fits in nicely with the Haven mythology, and it would have been fun to watch her pretend to be Audrey and perhaps fall in love with a new character. And granted, there were a couple of moments where the mask slipped—she was too comfortable aiming that gun, she occasionally sounded far more like Audrey than Lexie—but I chalked those up to sloppiness. Alas, Lexie is simply a charade, a cover to hide the fact that Audrey has truly returned to Haven with her memories intact. As long as Audrey doesn't reveal herself, she probably figures, she won't have to kill Nathan.


I just hope that Haven will manage to be as engaging with Audrey-as-Lexie as it was in this episode, and that the other changes happening around town will keep the show from seeming stale.

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