Dr. Claire spent most of this episode of Haven dressed as the Kristy Swanson version of Buffy Summers. It's quite appropriate since our Troubleshooters were trapped in a very Buffy-esque situation, stuck inside a sentient haunted house. This claustrophobic tale is served up with a side of Game of Thrones' Jorah Mormont. Plus, Audrey finally discovers the identity of the Colorado Kid. Progress! And spoilers!


You know what was great about this episode? It focuses on the effects of someone's Trouble instead of the whodunnit. Bravo, guest director Jason Priestley. After a couple of kids sneak into an abandoned Holloway home with deadly consequences (Again people, you live in Haven. Exercise a little goddamn caution.), the Troubleshooters inspect the residence. But Halloween, this place is a no-one-leaves sort of deal. Soon we have a nearly full complement of Troubleshooters (the Teagues brothers have been frozen out, but they're too smart to enter the death house anyway) and no front door. Jordan also appears on the scene, and Dr. Claire, demonstrating her famous professional ethics, reveals Jordan's Trouble to everyone.

The house has already claimed two bloody victims. The second one, who is strung up in a distressingly fetishistic sort of way, has the words "This is your fault" scrawled in her blood. Audrey decides everyone should split up into pairs (because that always works in horror movies). She and Dr. Claire stumble onto a hidden room where they find the desiccated corpses of Roland Holloway's wife and daughters. She has a flash back to herself as Lucy, when she first discovered the corpses decades before. Someone else is in the room, eventually revealed to be the Colorado Kid. Meanwhile, Jordan questions Nathan about his loyalties and his motives for seeking out the Guard. Nathan admits that he's officially investigating the Guard, but insists that his loyalties lie with them—after all, he helped the Troubled prisoner escape. Jordan also wants to know why Nathan is palling around with Duke; she's inclined to kill him before he kills her. The house turns on its intercom for this exchange, letting Bowen and Duke listen in. Once they join back up with Audrey and Claire, they let Audrey in on what they've learned. Audrey insists it's all part of Nathan's investigation, but it's clear that the seeds of doubt have been planted.


Eventually, the architect of all this horror reveals himself. Roland Holloway, played by Iain Glen, suffers from a Trouble that trapped his spirit in his house, and he decided to trap his wife and daughters in there with him. He can see through mirrors in the house, and he's got a major grudge against Lucy, who decided not to save him. His plan is to convince the Troubleshooters to kill each other. Failing that, he'll just gas them to death.

Nathan shoots out all the mirrors in the house, allowing the crew to escape. Dwight and the Teagues are waiting outside with a bomb, since their best plan was to blow the house to smithereens. Audrey decides to do the honors and they all dash away as the Holloway House goes up in flames. Bye bye, Ser Jorah.

Now that Audrey has again seen the Colorado Kid and heard his first name, she's able to determine his identity, and hands Dr. Claire a missing persons report for one James Cogan. I've embedded the moment above because, tell me if I'm wrong, it sounds like Dr. Claire already knew Cogan was the Colorado Kid's name. No Bolt Gun Killer this episode, but Dr. Claire's poker face is dropping.

Audrey does end up confronting Nathan about his involvement with the Guard, and he admits to helping the Troubled prisoner escape. He tells Audrey that he trusts Jordan and that the Guard help the Troubled, just like they do. Audrey is dubious, but she leaves it for now. Then Nathan goes off to play kissy face with Jordan. Incidentally, if you have no sense of touch, mightn't you be a truly awful, sloppy kisser?


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