Haven asks: Can you solve one curse with a complementary curse?

As we get closer to discovering Audrey's proto-personality, Haven is hit by a Trouble that can't be solved with one of Audrey's classic pep talks. In fact, the only way to resolve the Trouble may be to give a Trouble to someone else.

If there was any question of William's utter indifference to humanity, this episode resolved it as William delivered the mutated form of a particularly deadly Trouble to a baby. The Harkers cause people to die whenever they cry, and even had a silver plate minted to commemorate their curse. Incidentally, we know that the Troubles aren't strictly patrilineal, but it does seem that certain curses are closely connected with family names. I know Haven isn't always consistent in its world building, but things like the Harker plate and the notion that certain families serve as guardians of Haven's Troubled make me feel that genealogy should be an enormous obsession in Haven, and I wish we saw more of it. Although we did get a nice familial reveal this episode. More on that later.

Anyhow, this crying Trouble is supposed to manifest in puberty, but William tweaks it so that Baby Harker picks it up in infancy, and short of cutting the kid's vocal cords, there is no way to keep a baby from ever crying. It seems that cutting the vocal cords wouldn't even do that much good here, since William is just going to keep passing the Harker Trouble on to the next youngest kid until he gets what he wants or all the pre-pubescent Harkers are dead or mute. And what William wants is for Audrey to give someone a brand-new Trouble. If Baby Harker's Trouble comes from the sound of his voice, William reasons, Audrey just needs to give someone a Trouble that will place the kid in a cone of silence.

Naturally, Duke and Nathan disagree about whether Audrey should go ahead and create this silence Trouble. Duke understands that William wants to chip away at the Audrey personality and let proto-Audrey come out to play. Plus, Duke understands what it's like to have a terrible power that can overwhelm you with terrible, wonderful feelings. Nathan, on the other hand, has a blind spot a mile wide when it comes to Audrey, and is sure she'll retain her personality no matter what Trouble-related sins she commits. (Odd given that Audrey vanished into Lexie for a few episodes this season, but okay.) As for Audrey, she can't see any other alternative, and so the Troubleshooters go searching for a good candidate for a silence Trouble.

I have to agree with Serenada that Haven ME Gloria Verrano has been a standout character this season, offering a refreshingly no-nonsense attitude in the face of the town's weirdness. And this episode we learn that she's a beneficiary of the Crocker Curse, living an unTroubled life because one of Duke's ancestors killed someone way up her family tree. She also happens to be Baby Harker's step-grandma, and she's got a beau (BSG's Michael Hogan!) who happens to be hard of hearing, which the Troubleshooters figure makes him the perfect candidate for a silence Trouble. When I watched this, I suspected that they got it backwards, that the silence Trouble would be better suited to someone who hates sound, and in fact, it appears that they did. Michael Hogan consents to taking on the Trouble, and instead of creating a cone of silence, he creates a horrible, cacophonous racket. More significantly, though, Audrey feels her primal self momentarily emerge when she delivers the Trouble, and she admits to Duke that she enjoyed that feeling of raw evil coursing through her. That means that the Troubleshooters will likely be facing off against Evil Audrey in the season finale.

Ben Harker, Baby Harker's father, is the second person this season to volunteer himself as a familial sacrifice to the Crocker Curse. The problem is, of course, that Duke no longer possesses the Crocker Curse. However, he does have Audrey and Audrey has six balls of Trouble-causing goo courtesy of William. I suspected that when Duke lost the Crocker Curse earlier in the season that he would have the opportunity to voluntarily reclaim it, and we end the episode with him standing bare-chested, ready for Audrey to re-Trouble him, an act that might well push her over the evil edge.


While the other Troubleshooters have been dealing with the killer crying baby, Jennifer has been on her own quest to discover the heart of Haven. In the process, we learn a little bit more about the Teagues (finally!). Vince's Guard tattoo is a birthmark, signaling him as a protector of Haven, and he can usually control its appearance and disappearance. And Dave, well, Dave is adopted, like Jennifer, adding yet another genealogical mystery to the pile. What does it mean that Dave was adopted by a family that protects Haven? It seems unlikely that any adoption in Haven is without significance. Anyway, using Vince's birthmark as a compass, the three discover the heart of Haven, a guard symbol carved into the basement floor beneath the lighthouse. The symbol includes the figures of four people at the points of the compass, indicating that four people are needed to summon the door that can expel William from Haven. The question is: Which four people can open the door? And what will they sacrifice when they do?

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