Have you seen this Direwolf? Arya Stark's Lost Dog Poster

Arya Stark wouldn't dare put up posters to look for her lost direwolf Nymeria, not after that incident with Joffrey's arm, but if she thought she could get away with it (and if Sansa was willing to do the illustrations), perhaps her lost wolf poster would be as charming as Maritsa Patrinos'.


Patrinos created this poster for the A Song of Ice and Fire fanzine Blood Magic, and the poster has found its way onto the occasional telephone pole.

Patrinos also drew this "Bear and the Maiden Fair" fanart, which there is a shocking dearth of on the Internet. Come on, you know it's what all the kids in Westeros are drawing.

[Maritsa Patrinos via The Mary Sue]


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