Have Warners Planned A Green Lantern Trilogy?

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Will we see Iron Man's ousted James Rhodes take over as DC's premiere space cop? Terrence Howard is dropping some odd hints about the future of Green Lantern, as well as another DC Comics superhero.


Talking to MTV, Howard admitted that - while still hurt from being replaced in Iron Man 2 by Don Cheadle, whom he thinks Marvel "wanted all along" for the role of James Rhodes - he's looking towards DC Comics for future superhero movie roles. If nothing else, he's talking as if he knows what Warners has planned for the Green Lantern movie franchise, when answering whether he'd like a green ring of his own:

[H]e doesn't become black until the third [movie]... I think they're planning to take those steps. We'll see, I haven't felt those out yet.


Suddenly Green Lantern is a trilogy that'll bring in John Stewart in the third movie? Either Howard knows more than we do (Not always a difficult thing), or he's got an active imagination. Whichever it is, that doesn't change the fact that he's got his eyes on a different member of the Justice League:

Black Lightning... I don't think he's really been explored.

If anyone from Warners is reading this: Please make this happen. I loved Lightning's original stories, where he put on an afro wig and spoke "jive" because that's what villains expected from a black superhero. Better disguise than Clark Kent's glasses and slouch anyday.

Terrence Howard Talks ‘Iron Man 2,' Eyes DC For Future Roles [MTV Splash Page]

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i still feel robbed. howard got cheadled and all he wanted was to play a superhero. i can't believe that they'd make him wait until jon stewart came along though, is hal jordan an inherently white character? i mean, batman comes from a monied aristocratic family and superman needed to be raised on a farm, but a test-pilot could be easily accepted as black by an audience, right?

half the kids i know think green lantern is black anyway!