There’s no reason to be cute about it; This week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases is all about the arrival of Pacific Rim, which is crushing its competition like a giant robot punching a giant monster in the face. But there’s also scifi TV, evil cavemen and gratuitous nudity as well!

Pacific Rim

No need for me to explain what this is. Happily, the two-disc DVD set has almost all the extras the Blu-ray does — commentary by del Toro, a look at the art and design, deleted scenes and the blooper reel — except one featurette called “The Director’s Notebook.” Always nice when DVD owners don’t get totally screwed.

Star Wars: Clone Wars – The Complete Season 5

The final season, because Disney wants all the Star Wars cartoons for themselves.

Vikings: Season One

The History Channel’s first scripted series is a lot like Game of Thrones, if what you primarily remember about Game of Thrones is a lot of bearded men trying to hit each other with swords.

The Colony

After the apocalypse, a group of seriously confused cannibals attack an underground colony of survivors.

Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales

The first six episodes of the hit Disney cartoon. It contains Journal #3, although I have no idea what that means.

Defiance: Season One

Syfy’s biggest new series has a lot of potential, but the show is worth watching mostly to see Tony Curran and Jaime Murray as the Tarrs, the most ruthless couple in post-alien-invasion St. Louis.

The Complete Space Rangers Collection

All six episodes of the short-lived 1993 scifi series from CBS.

Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle

This PBS documentary chronicles the rise of comic book superheroes, from kids’ entertainment for a nickel to a multi-kajillion-dollar industry. PBS is actually airing it tomorrow night at 8pm, so feel free to watch before you buy.

Embrace of the Vampire

Vampires plus mild nudity.

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

On one hand, this sequel knows it’s bad and thus loses at lot of its charm. On the other hand, cavemen, zombies and jellyfish join in the birds’ war against humanity. I tend to err on the side of cavemen.

Thankskilling 3

The sequel to Thankskilling (no, there is no Thankskilling 2. Don’t ask). The DVD cover — the cover — boldly states “Warning!!! Boobs in the first second!”

Unlucky Charms

An evil and apparently Scottish leprechaun torments clothing-challenged models.