One minute isn't very long, but some pretty amazing things have been achieved over the span of sixty seconds—the time it takes for Hotmail to conquer your messy inbox. For instance, an illusionist in China once performed 5 teleportation illusions before his minute was up, a London man set a world record by smashing 88 alarm clocks with his feet in sixty seconds, and in a gravity-defying act, a woman in Germany climbed nearly 32 feet up a pole—while upside-down. Oh yeah, and then there was the time one very tough lady in the UK kicked 43 chocolate footballs off heads of a gaggle of brave volunteers.

You may not be able to best those world records, but with Hotmail, you'll have a lot more time to try. Most people spend around 30 minutes looking through their inbox each day, but with Hotmail's new features to manage graymail, it takes just sixty seconds to effortlessly organize all of those newsletters, daily deals, and social updates you receive. "Schedule Cleanup" automatically cleans your inbox of certain newsletters or deals every few days, every month, or so you simply keep the latest one. "Sweep" allows you to select an email like a newsletter and have the rest of the mail from that sender sent to a folder of your choosing—or straight to the trash. Hotmail has even added unsubscribe links to most of your newsletters, so all you have to do is click once and they will take care of the rest.


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