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Usually, the focus of space photography is on letting us see close-up views of far away things we could never see otherwise. But what happens when the focus of the camera is turned onto the tools of the trade themselves?


That's the premise of Chris O'Leary's Cloud Chambers project, which he shared with us in our most recent edition of io9 show and tell. He described it as way to "document the infrastructure of astrophysics (dark matter detectors, gamma ray telescopes, etc)."

From this close up look at a cloud chamber housed in the Griffith's observatory (like you see below) to this combined image of the Cygnus constellation with data grabbed on that same constellation from the Drift II Dark Matter Detector (like you see above), it's a neat perspective shift inwards on the tools that are teaching us about space.


You can see the rest of the collection over at O'Leary's website.

Images and Video by Christopher O'Leary

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