Haunting of Hill House Will Get Extended Director's Cuts on Blu-Ray

A seance from Haunting of Hill House.
A seance from Haunting of Hill House.
Image: Netflix

Netflix shows don’t always get physical releases, and when they do, they rarely get longer. Haunting of Hill House will change that.


As revealed by Bloody Disgusting and confirmed in a Tweet by Mike Flanagan, Haunting of Hill House’s Blu-Ray release will feature extended cuts of several episodes of the series, which Flanagan calls a process of “restoring several episodes to their true form.”

This is interesting, considering the lack of official time constraints on Netflix, and it makes one wonder what precisely the editorial relationship between showrunners and Netflix itself is—Netflix, as with everything else, is not exactly forthcoming on the nature of their production pipeline.

No word on the release date of this Blu-Ray yet, or how many episodes will be receiving the extended treatment. But if you liked Haunting of Hill House enough to want to see the original directorial vision and anticipate its upcoming sequel, this is looking like a necessary purchase.

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I’m curious what kind of changes Flanagan has in mind, but it seems a little odd (apart from the obvious financial motive) to release a Blu-Ray instead of streaming the extended episodes on Netflix. Oh well.