Haunting 3-minute music video tells the panspermia story better than Prometheus did

In Prometheus, we saw a mysterious alien seeding the Earth with DNA. This act of fertilizing a planet with life from space is called panspermia. And in this music video from director Tom Walsh and the band Swimming, you can see a breathtaking short story of panspermia that feels far more satisfying than the one in Prometheus — it's luminous and beautiful, hinting at the sacrifice this character is making to bring a planet to life.

You can also watch a longer version of this film, that gives some intriguing backstory — it's called The Last Human, and you can watch it on Walsh's Vimeo channel.

Walsh writes:

In the music video the viewer will see the word HERA appear quite often. This is the title of the mission in the story and is named after the Greek Goddess of childbirth but also has a double meaning - it is an acronym for the mysterious Human Evolution Recovery Administration. For more information visit: hera.im

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Fall Hammer

I love that they are at the same beach/cliff face from the Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship episode :) I want to go there so bad, any I09'er live close by to it in Britain so I can crash on your couch for a visit?