Hasbro's My Little Pony Comic-Con Exclusive Is a Reminder That Time Changes All of Us

The ultimate multi-decade glow-up
The ultimate multi-decade glow-up
Image: Hasbro
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Everypony must bend to the sands of time. Even Twilight Sparkle.

Hasbro’s latest array of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives have been heavily leaning into some classic toy nostalgia. So far we’ve had everything from a Kenner-inspired Boba Fett to an Optimus Prime/Ghostbusters mashup, but io9 can now exclusively reveal another nostalgia-strings-tugging exclusive of a...let’s say more glittery sort.


This year’s My Little Pony offering at the convention will be a two-pack celebration of the franchise’s evolution from its classic roots to the art style championed by Friendship Is Magic today, revitalizing the denizens of Equestria for a whole new legion of pony-loving fans.

Focusing on the character of Twilight—or Twilight Sparkle, as she goes by today—the two-pack includes 3"-tall figures, one a retro homage to the character’s original design and the other a more modern figure based on her current form. The retro Twilight, beyond the classic MLP form factor, is rendered in a pearlized plastic to emphasize the incandescent ‘80s glamor, with hair stylings to match. Meanwhile, the modern Twilight Sparkle figure has rooted hair, and a special metallic cutie mark.

If that wasn’t enough Pony goodness, the retro-inspired packaging is double-sided, so you can choose to either display it highlighting the original Twilight or the current Twilight Sparkle!

My Little Pony Through the Years’ Twilight Sparkle two-pack will cost $20, and will be available at Hasbro’s booth in San Diego starting July 18. But even if you’re not galloping over to the con, have no fear, Pony fans: A limited quantity will be made available through Hasbro Pulse after the convention has ended.


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Hm. The 1980s Twilight Sparkle in this set seems like it’s based on a mold from the G3 line of My Little Pony, which was released in the late 90s/early 2000s. I still think it’s cute but I find it odd they didn’t release one from the actual G1 line. Maybe because another company (Basic Fun, I think?) is releasing the G1 remakes, so Mattel isn’t technically allowed to utilize the original molds? I think they could have had a fun set if they did a Twilight Sparkle from G1, G2, G3 and the FIM molds.