Hasbro unvelied all their new goodies at New York's 2015 Toy Fair and there's lots to ooh and aaah over... and speculate about. Like why does Ant-Man only have 2 toys? Uh-oh. Behold Avengers 2 trinkets, dinosaurs galore and the completely horrible Furbacca.

It was rather surprising how little of a presence Ant-Man had at Toy Fair. The movie is slated to come out right after San Diego Comic-Con... but still. No Ant-Man mask? Or maybe they're just holding the good stuff for the summer. No real surprise, the only truly exciting Star Wars reveal with the insidious Furbacca (look below for video of me pulling its tail hoping it would turn to the Dark Side). We're not expecting any new Star Wars reveals for months and months and months. And finally, there are gobs and gobs and gobs of dinosaurs from Jurassic World.


Behold the throw back "dino damage" on many of these creatures.


Mosasaurus and Scuba pal:

The Gyrosphere:

Indominus Rex:

Pteranodon & Helicopter with a very big gun:

Lockdown Pen:






Chris Pratt's Raptor Pack Charlie, Delta and Echo. Charlie is below.

Delta is on the left and Echo is on the right.

Best friends!

And another Raptor named "Blue"

The classic T-Rex:

Indominus Rex who looks a whole lot better in real life than she did in the earlier photo release from this week. And this is what she sounds like!

Fun facts about Indominus, she has opposable thumbs and her jaws can open almost to a 90s degree angle. Also she can fit the entire gyrosphere in her mouth (which we think is a spoiler?).


Furbacca was HUGE:

And kind of horrifying. Here's video of me pulling his tail and trying to turn him to the Dark Side.

Absolutely horrifying Play-Doh Star Wars faces.

This is just weird.

Polly Pocket-style Star Wars collectables but inside a teeny, tiny Millennium Falcon.

More from the Star Wars Heroes line (I'm calling them Polly Pocket Wars).

Star Wars Rebels.


New Hulk Hands, now with the ability to move and grasp things.

Ultron Face/Death Mask

Spider-Man Masks including Miles Morales mask!

Massive Avengers: Age of Ultron set up.

Scarlet Witch complete with magic waves.




OK here's an odd thing. It looks like this is a set-up from the new Avengers movie.

You can see Captain America on his motorcycle and Ultron (or one of Ultron's droid army members) is to the left.

And it looks like the whole premise is just Captain America running him down with his giant bike. LOL great.

Ant-Man with smaller Ant-Man version and Ant.

Ant-Man with a GIANT Ant.

Giant-Man with (Bulldozer behind him).

Grim Reaper


Dr. Strange



Hellcat, Spider-Woman and Batroc the Leaper!

Machine Man

Vulture is amazing right now.

White Tiger

White Tiger, Daredevil, Anti-Venom, Rhino, Misty Knight, Spidey 2099

Avengers Monopoly:

Thor Power Hammer Game:

Ouija Board to advertise Ouija 2, now with more Ouija.

The Descendants

I'm not sure if you've heard me screaming about Disney's live-action villain series in which all Disney enemies of state were forced to go live on a villain island. And now the kids of said villains are older and they must assimilate with the good guys' kids at some sort of insane state-run boarding school. Basically, all the people below are Mulan's daughter or Maleficent's daughter (Mal, what a name!) or Cruella's son. And this is the first "real" look we're getting at this series. In doll form. CAN. NOT. WAIT.