Well, it's not quite as awesome as a Lego D&D line, but Hasbro will release Dungeons & Dragons Kre-Os beginning January of next year. This is good news for any Dungeon Master who's ever wanted to build a three-dimensional model of his or her dungeon on the game table (so your players know exactly where you killed them!).

This — and the above poster — is literally all we know about the toyline, although I'd expect a few more details during Hasbro's panel at San Diego Comic Con later this week. Also, unless my eyes deceive me, I'm pretty sure that's the Kreon model of none other than Forgotten Realms' preposterously overpowered and yet still somehow emo Drizzt goddamned Do'Urden up there on the poster — but whether Hasbro will actually be giving us established characters in the series or if this is just a nod to the fans in a promo pic, well, that remains to be seen.

[Via ToyNewsI]