Has The Next Villain On The Walking Dead Already Been Revealed?

Maybe so! As as theory on Imgur posits, the next group of bad guys to torment Rick and the others may be the Whisperers, a group of lunatics who wear the skin of zombies and whisper to each other in order to stay unnoticed by the dead. What's weird is that the show introduced these guys long before even the comics did!

See, as PhtevenMcThickridges and others have pointed out, Morgan — the dude who's been shown following Rick at assorted season five episode epilogues — has already mentioned these guys way back in season three's excellent episode "Clear." Specifically, Morgan says he's seen "people wearing dead people's faces", which at the time sounded like Morgan's regular crazy talk, but could well be describing the Whisperers.


This is pretty cool, because "Clear" aired on March 3rd, 2013, while the Whisperers were first introduced in The Walking Dead comics in issue #130, which only came out this past August. Did the show really present an idea that the comics wouldn't get to for nearly a year and a half? It seems unlikely, but it seems even less likely that Morgan wasn't referring specifically to these guys, doesn't it?

Now, the show may continue to follow the comic and give us Negan as the next Big Bad first, before unleashing the Whisperers on the group, which is fine. But knowing that the show could now be dropping clues to the TWD comics is a pretty big change of the status quo.

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