Has the classic Stargate been shuttered forever? You'd think MGM and NBC/Universal would welcome another Stargate direct-to-DVD movie after fans greeted the first two with open wallets. But sadly, Michael Shanks says another SG-1 film might be DOA.

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Michael Shanks, who played Dr. Daniel Jackson for 10 years with recurring roles on SGA and even a cameo in the SGU new recruit informational video, delivered some sad news.

"Given the amount of time lag that's gone on between us doing the movies, I suspect that we might be very far away from, if ever, doing another DVD movie....This might be the closing of the book on that particular [chapter of the] franchise."

"I think everybody's moving on to a certain point," he told the site. "And with the new show doing well, everybody's focusing their attention on that. The SG-1 idea is somewhat on the back burner, which is a little bit unfortunate, because I think one more story would have been a great way to bring Rick [Richard Dean Anderson, Jack O'Neill] back in and really go there. But you know, business is business."


This is sad news as I truly feel that Continuum was the first time, in a long while, that SG-1 really dove into the old classic-series characters. Also what does this mean for the Stargate Atlantis movies? Are they on the chopping block as well?

Actor David Hewlett's twitter twitter mentions that he's currently at work on a Syfy TV movie, but we have a feeling it's more "Syfy original" than a SGA epic film.


Dear Stargate showrunners, please don't let McKay slip through your fingers. He's one excellent direct-to-DVD adventure away from showing all the SGU kids how to get things done.