Click to viewWhile talking to the mighty Hercules, Kevin Sorbo, about his upcoming Illuminati movie and comic, we couldn't help asking if he'd ever make another guest appearance as frozen-in-time 1969 secret agent, Guy Goddard, on our favorite superhero comedy The Middleman. Sorbo dropped not one but two giant bombs about our beloved show: he'd been in talks for a Goddard spin-off at one point, and the Middleman may be no more. We went straight to the source, Executive Producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach to find out if Hercules' oracle spoke the truth.


Q: Will you be making another appearance on Middleman? Kevin Sorbo: I really had fun doing that show and loved my character. There was talk of a spin off, but I have too many things on my plate that I want to do. I have no idea what is going to happen to that show, but I am hearing rumors it will be canceled. Not being able to contain ourselves for fear of our Middlemania reaching its end (the thought of no more Dub Dub and Lacey is terrifying) we went straight to Javier Grillo-Marxuach and asked him to if Middleman is indeed getting canceled and what about this Guy Goddard spin off show staring the awesome-haired Sorbo? Javier Grillo-Marxuach's reply was a little noncommittal — but comparing it to shows such as Family Guy and Firefly is doing nothing to calm my fears of cancellation.

I don't think ABC Family is ready to throw in the towel just yet. They love, and — more importantly — own The Middleman. But I think it's fair to say that they aren't going to order any new episodes in the immediate future. Right now, we are all focused on closing a deal for a DVD set that will please the fans with a lot of bonus material, bring new viewers to the show, and secure the show's legacy and longevity. As was the case with shows like Firefly, and Family Guy, the sales of the DVD will truly be the barometer for the future of The Middleman.

Ok but what about the zany 1969 Sorbo spin off, any truth to that because Guy was a great character?

Kevin Sorbo is one of the most gracious, professional and charismatic people with whom I've had the pleasure to work - and he embodied one of the most memorable characters in the Middleman pantheon; so I absolutely ran by him the idea of either bringing back, spinning off - or better yet, doing some kind of a movie set in the time of - Middleman '69. We had a great time discussing it, and, frankly, I'm grateful that he liked the show enough to think it was a nifty idea. With greater success or a longer run of episodes, it is something I would have pursued.


So while it sounds like this may be the end of Wendy and MM, sigh, at least we may have an awesome DVD collection to watch through tears and laughs each weekend. You'll regret this day, America — the Middleman was a classic gentleman among crappy TV superheroes. Seriously, the world commissions more episodes of Knight Rider, meaning that clever dialog and snappy comebacks have to take a back seat to Mike Tracer's less-than-thrilling abs? There is no God.