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Did Stephen Chow's departure from Seth Rogen's Green Hornet kill, not just our interest in the movie, but also the movie itself? That seems to be the rumor going around right now.

Advertisement is reporting rumors, going around Sundance last week, that it was "highly unlikely" that Green Hornet" will be made this year, following director/actor Chow's withdrawal from the project, due to cold feet at studio Sony. While we're surprised at the news — Surely Rogen was always going to be the box office draw for the movie? — we're also pleased, as it was definitely Chow's involvement that got us paying attention to the movie in the first place.

The website is careful not to pronounce the movie entirely dead, however, so don't be expected if these rumors turn out to be entirely false. But maybe if we hope and pray to whatever deities we believe in...

Has Rogen's 'Green Hornet' Been Defeated? [HitFlix]

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