Has Supergirl Just Hired Its Cat Grant Replacement?

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We’re excited to see Supergirl heading to the CW this year, but that excitement is tinged with the sadness of the fact it means the show will have a lot less of its golden regular Calista Flockhart as the fabulously icy Cat Grant. That probability seemingly has become much more certain with the arrival of what appears to be her replacement.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Ian Gomez has been cast in the series regular role of Snapper Carr for season two of Supergirl. In the comics, Carr—whose name was in a recent list of roles Supergirl was looking to cast, including Lena Luthor and Maggie Sawyer—was a one-time sidekick to the Justice League and even developed superpowers at one point, but in other adaptations such as the Justice League cartoon he’s been portrayed as a news reporter.


The same will be the case for Supergirl, where Carr will be a seasoned reporter looking to push writers at Catco, including Kara, to their limits. But here’s the part of EW’s description that has us concerned:

Snapper Carr is a headstrong, sharp-witted newsman, hired by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) to be the editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine.

That sounds an awful lot like it could be how Flockhart becomes more of an occasional guest on the show, rather than a regular now that it’s moved to Canada for filming. This might be our first sign of Cat handing over day-to-day management to Snapper, while she saunters off into the sunset—presumably to go and deliver some witty put-downs to said sunset. That’d be a very Cat Grant thing to do.

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