Director Richard Kelly brought us the cult hit Donnie Darko, and he's been hard at work on Southland Tales, a weird mix of science fiction, music, comedy, and drama set against a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Sounds like the perfect backdrop for a light-hearted romp, right?

We say he's been hard at work, because this film premiered at Cannes amidst some pretty dismal reviews. In fact, some of the reviews were so bad that they make the two word review Spinal Tap got for Shark Sandwich look eloquent in comparison.


He's added over 100 visual effects shots to a film that "wasn't ready" for Cannes in an effort to clarify the story. Does that mean that George Lucas was saying that the Star Wars flicks weren't ready when he put them out with all new effects?

We'll let you know if it worked when we're sitting front and center for its November 14th premiere. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plus Sarah Michelle Gellar plus Seann William "Stifler" Scott plus 100 new visual effects shots = we have to see what comes out of this mix. That's not even mentioning the musical number from Justin Timberlake.

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