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Has Root met her match? Watch this new clip from Person of Interest!

In the Person of Interest mid-season premiere, our heroes are in a seriously bad situation. How bad? You need to watch this exclusive clip from tonight's episode on CBS to get a taste of what's to come. Light spoilers ahead for those who haven't watched this season.


If you recall, December's finale ended with the mysterious Control finally showing up — played with cool, deadly authority by Camryn Manheim, she's the boss of the ISA program that bought the Machine from mastermind Finch and his (now dead) partner Ingram. In the finale, Control caught Finch and Shaw, who were protecting the memory-damaged Arthur, who had created another Machine-like intelligence called Samaritan.

Holding Finch and Shaw at gunpoint, Control demanded that they hand over information about the whereabouts of the Machine and Samaritan. Then the episode ended!


In this clip, it appears that Finch and Shaw have somehow gotten out of Control's clutches. But now Control has Root stashed in a locked room, and is interrogating her to get the one thing that Control really wants: admin access to the Machine.

A lot of balls are in the air right now in this tense arc on Person of Interest. First of all, last episode was the first time we had ever gotten a hint that there might be another entity out there like the Machine. And of course it's the first appearance of Control, and confirmation that the government is still very much in pursuit of its missing AI. Root's loyalty to the Machine gang is going to be tested — as is their loyalty to her. Emerging in the background, of course, are also major questions about what the Machine will do now that it knows it's not alone.

We can't wait to see this episode tonight!

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i think Control is mistaken in her belief that Root can simply pass on Admin authority to her. I think it's The Machine who chose Root, not the other way around.