Has Peter Dinklage's Knights of Badassdom been butchered?

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Back in 2011, Joe Lynch's little-known fantasy LARP movie Knights of Badassdom took San Diego Comic-Con by storm. Starring Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn and Danny Pudi, it's no wonder this movie was an immediate hit with the fans. Plus it's crazy funny, and ridiculously gory. People were begging for a release date but the project was shelved for years. Until now. Knights of Badassdom is getting a second wind, but sadly it's a butchered version of the director's original vision. Hacked away by Wade Bradley the CEO of Indivest, the production company for Knights of Badassdom. Rumor has it that this 70-minute version (cut down from Lynch's original 90-minute movie) is being screened in hopes of impressing new distributors.


According to the original text from the website Badassdom.com (which has since been edited so we're pulling the old information from Bleeding Cool for now) the re-edited version of Knights of Badassdom is going up for auction tonight. The site alleged that CEO Bradley forcibly removed Mark Burton (the part president of IndieVest Pictures and producer to the film) along with screenwriter Matt Wall from the picture. Bradley then began editing Knights of Badassdom independently. The new edit has supposedly changed the story and overall concept of the film. Slashfilm spoke with Bradley who stated that the screening of this new version is still on (tonight) but all all the accusations made by Badassdom are "absolutely false."

The official Badassdom website currently asks only that potential buyers be made aware that the film they are viewing is not the original and that any investors should consider giving the film back to Lynch for completion. Thankfully a recent update seems optimistic on the current message getting passed around to potential buyers.

Lynch has yet to comment specifically on the situation, however he has been tweeting with the hashtag #notmycut from his twitter account. Fingers crossed that Knights of Badaasdom gets the premiere it deserves.


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I've been playing table-top role playing games for decades but never got into LARP. Mostly I think because I'd be far too embarrassed to do that in front of total strangers. Nor was I ever strongly into the historical recreation/re-inactment/SCA hobby either.