Has NBC Found Its Own Prisoner with Persons Unknown?

Come this June, NBC is launching Persons Unknown, a genre-tinged, paranoia miniseries from Oscar-winning writer Chris McQuarrie. Will it conjure memories of the British cult-classic The Prisoner...or AMC's ponderous misfire, The Prisoner?


It's got a little bit of Oldboy, a whole lot of The Prisoner, and Ferris Bueller's Alan Ruck, so I'll check it out. More networks should experiment with short-form, closed-ended programming — not as a means to save money, but as a perfectly valid storytelling format.

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It's like Cube, or one of the many direct-to-DVD derivations of the"X random people are kidnapped and now must solve the puzzle of where they are, how they are all connected and who their kidnapper is" formula. Seriously, you could queue up ten such movies on streaming Netflix without even trying.

Here's hoping that what is at best cheesy in a 90-minute unrated format is better in a broadcast mini-series format...