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Has Marvel's sexy thief Black Cat snuck into Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Illustration for article titled Has Marvels sexy thief Black Cat snuck into emAmazing Spider-Man 2/em?

British actress Felicity Jones just confirmed she's a part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 during an interview with the Netherlands news site RTL. It's a weird place to let it slip, but since she didn't confirm her role, it's seemingly a low-key enough reveal that it's probably true. The question is, who is the not-unattractive 30-year-old playing?


Since Shailene Woodley has already been cast as Mary Jane, there's pretty much only two women left in Peter Parker's life — the sexy thief Black Cat and Daily Bugle administrator Betty Brant. In favor of the former, there's been no mention of the Daily Bugle as part of Spidey 2 in any fashion, and you'd think they'd cast J. Jonah Jameson before worrying about Betty Brant. Also, as Jones told RTL (courtesy of Google translate): "I've never done a superhero movie. It's very nice to you as an actor in several worlds to go and to experiment." Playing Betty Brant wouldn't exactly be much of an experiment, although a sultry thief wearing a latex body suit probably would be.

Of course, she could be playing a random Oscorp employee, and all this confusion is because Black Cat's real name is Felicia Hardy and Felicia is very similar to Felicity. But now that we know she's playing somebody, it still seems most likely a Black Cat has wandering into The Amazing Spider-Man 2's path.


[Via Blastr]

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While comics readers may be learned enough to dodge this problem, how do you think the general public will react to a character so superficially similar to the better-known Catwoman?