Has Chuck Just Blown His Gamechanging Finale?

We've all been told that the second season finale of Chuck will be "a gamechanger" for the show, but has star Zachary Levi accidentally given away what happens in an interview? Spy spoilers ahead.

Talking to the Washington Post, Levi teased what to expect about Chuck's double life:

What I will say is one character will find out the truth this season, but I won't tell you who, and I think the plan is that next season there will be at least one more character that finds out the truth...


You know, someone discovering Chuck's secret spy secrets does sound kind of gamechanging... especially if it leads to someone else making the connection in the (still to be confirmed) third season. But which character finding out would change the game so much? The involvement of a second discoverer leads us to suspect Awesome (with Ellie following), but we have to admit that we'll be surprised if the writers could really pass up the chance to let Morgan in on a little spy action every now and again...

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