Has CBS Saved Us From The Worst SF Show Ever?

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News broke today that production company Benderspink - the people behind Charlie Jane favorite Kyle XY - have signed a new development deal with CBS, ending their previous partnership with Fox... and hopefully leaving all their Fox shows in development hell. There's one planned series in particular that we're hoping will sink without a trace: A TV spin-off of Ashton Kutcher vehicle The Butterfly Effect.The Butterfly Effect series - announced way back in 2006 - wasn't actually intended for Fox, but for the Sci Fi Channel, and would have ditched a lot of the emo baggage of 2004's "Time Travel Can Leave You With No Legs" drama in favor of a more Quantum Leap-esque take on the concept, only without Al and Ziggy. As the series got bogged down in pre-production, Benderspink tried to raise the concept's profile with a direct to DVD sequel that only disappointed fans of the first movie (Apparently, they didn't learn their lesson, as there are plans for a third movie being made right now). It's not clear whether or not Benderspink's CBS deal includes all the shows that were being developed with Fox, but if it does, we have one clear message to send: No-one wants to see someone travel backwards through their life thanks to cosmic seizures with each trip making their life shittier every week, thank you very much. Unless it's done as a broad comedy and stars the guy who played Hyde from That 70s Show, giving it some consistency with the original movie. Otherwise, let it suffer the same fate as Benderspink's planned Preacher show. Benderspink segues to CBS Par TV [Hollywood Reporter]

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