Harvey Dent Wants Your Vote, Half Your Suit

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Forget Hilary or Barack. The one politician that you're waiting to get a pre-recorded phone call from, asking for your support, is Gotham City's Assistant District Attorney, Harvey Dent. And as of last Friday, he's making those calls. That's right; the viral marketing campaign for this summer's The Dark Knight movie has abandoned the Joker to focus on the villain played by an actor who's still alive, and also moved from the virtual world to a cell phone near you.


With only a few months to go until the release of Christopher Nolan's second Batman movie, the website to promote Harvey Dent's political ambitions has undergone a major overhaul with all-new content giving more details about his campaign and how you, the real world voter, can get involved. In addition to this, Dent is calling people who'd previously registered their phone numbers at the original version of the site, and leaving a plea for their support:

We all know what's wrong with Gotham. Crime is out of control, and instead of protecting our streets, too many cops have become criminals themselves. This is why my mission has been to stamp out police corruption. And this is why I'm considering a run for District Attorney. But I can't do it alone. I need to know if you, the people of Gotham, want change. Do you want a Gotham free from the grip of criminals and the corrupt? Are you ready to join a crusade to take back our city?

(You can hear the call here).

With promises of a "Dentmobile" coming to your neighborhood in the near future for face to face meetings, and flyers for you to print out and place in your window, it's clear that Dent is trying to be more than just another Two-Faced politician... Well, for now, anyway. [I Believe In Harvey Dent]


Charlie Jane Anders

I do think it would be weird if the film was re-edited to downplay Heath's part. I doubt it'll happen, though, with the director making so many statements about wanting to "do justice" to Heath's performance. I found the post I was thinking about, where they were saying Dent is the "real backbone" of the movie. Here it is: [io9.com]