Harvard University has invented a robot facehugger

Remember Ant-Roach, the inflatable robot that looked like the lovechild of a dildo and a wildebeest? Roboticists at Harvard have constructed an even weirder biomimetic balloon. This soft robot, which was developed by Harvard's Whiteside Research Group, takes its cues from pliable fauna like squid, starfish, and worms. According to its creators, "this robot is quadrupedal; it uses no sensors, only five actuators, and a simple pneumatic valving system that operates at low pressures (< 10 psi)." The only thing stopping this bots from squishy conquest is the air tube.

[Via IEEE Spectrum]

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Now all roboticists have to do is invent:

1) Dancing Richard Simmons Robot

2) Robotic dogs that shoot bees when they bark

And humanity will be truly and utterly fucked.