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Harry Potter Wedding Spoiled by Failed Owl Delivery Service

Illustration for article titled Harry Potter Wedding Spoiled by Failed Owl Delivery Service

Hiring the Owl Post to act as the official ring-bearer is a great idea for a magical, Harry Potter-esque wedding is a wonderful, romantic idea. Unless that owl turns out to be a total dick.


One couple had the cute idea to hire an actual owl and falconer to fly their wedding rings down the aisle. Which, had it worked, would have been pretty cool. But instead the owl decided "nope" and went to sleep in the rafters of the church with the rings in hand — er, talon.

Here's the hilarious breakdown via Uncanny Flats.

The ceremony had to be put on hold when the owl, called Darcy, took to the rafters of the 900-year-old church that was hosting the ceremony and stayed there.

It remained perched high above the guests' heads at the Holy Cross Church in Sherston, Wilts, for an hour, during which time it dozed off.

After repeated failed attempts to coax it down, Rev Chris Bryan decided to continue the ceremony using a back-up set of rings.

The couple, from Oxfordshire, had left the church by the time Darcy was finally brought back down, with the aid of a long ladder.


We think Geekologie has the best joke about this situation, but trust me there will be so many more: "Well, what the hell did you expect? He knows this isn't official Hogwarts business!"

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That owl really fowled up the ceremony.